Ensuring the safety of our products is your key concern. Helping you monitor and maintain proper aseptic practices is ours.

Current USP <797> guidelines require compounding personnel to demonstrate competency in aseptic technique and hand hygiene at least once ever 6-12 months, depending on the risk level.

Our Compliance on Demand™ kits and testing services validate confidence in your aseptic procedures. We package the simulation activities with our testing services to give you a one-stop solution to monitoring your aseptic practices, on your timeline.

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The kits include a simulation of compounding, fingertip and surface sampling activities in which maintaining sterility is crucial. Upon staff completion and return we test to determine what level of contamination, if any, exists. If there is any risk present, we partner with you to help investigate and resolve contamination control deficiencies.

To learn more about how to partner with us to monitor and maintain confidence in your aseptic procedures, or to order kits, visit our Compliance on Demand™ page.

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