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Viral Library

Analytical Lab Group maintains an extensive library of viruses. ALG continuously acquires additional organisms from multiple sources to ensure we have the organisms for your testing needs.

If you need testing using an organism that is not in this library, please contact us.

Also see our Microbial Library of Test Organisms and Microbial Library of Resistant Organisms.

Virus NameSourceStrain
Adenovirus type 2ATCC VR-846Adenoid 6
Adenovirus type 3ATCC VR-847G.B.
Adenovirus type 4ATCC VR-4RI-67
Adenovirus type 5ATCC VR-5Adenoid 75
Adenovirus type 8ATCC VR-1368Trim
Adenovirus type 14ATCC VR-15deWit
Adenovirus type 19ATCC VR-254AV-587 (3911)
Adenovirus type 35ATCC VR-718Holden
Avian AdenovirusATCC VR-280Fontes
Avian Influenza A (H7N9) virusCDC # 2013759189Wildtype A/Anhui/1/2013
Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus (avian)CDC # 2006719965VNH5N1-PR8/CDC-RG
Avian RetrovirusATCC VR-24492177
Bovine Enterovirus type 1ATCC VR-248LCR 4
Bovine herpes mammillitis virusATCC VR-845New York 1
Bovine Parainfluenza virus type 3ATCC VR-281SF-4
Bovine ParvovirusATCC VR-767Haden
Bovine RotavirusATCC VR-2102WC-3 (R402-10)
Bovine Viral diarrhea virusNVSLOregon c24v-genotype 1, cytopathic
Bovine Viral diarrhea virusATCC VR-1422NADL
Canine AdenovirusATCC VR-800Toronto A 26/61
Canine CoronavirusATCC VR-8091-71
Canine DistemperATCC VR-128Lederle
Canine Influenza (H3N8) virusCornell UniversityA/Ca/NY/105913/08
Canine ParainfluenzaATCC VR-666Penn 103/70
Canine ParvovirusATCC VR-2017Cornell
Chlamydia psittaci (psittacosis)ATCC VR-1256 BC
Chlamydia trachomatis (Serotype K)ATCC VR-887UW-31/Cx
Coronavirus (human)ATCC VR-740229E
Coxsackievirus type A16ATCC VR-174G10 (Suspension-based testing only)
Coxsackievirus type B3ATCC VR-30Nancy
CytomegalovirusATCC VR-538AD-169
Duck Hepatitis B virusHepadnavirus Testing
Echovirus type 6ATCC VR-36D’Amori
Echovirus type 11ATCC VR-41Gregory
Echovirus type 12ATCC VR-1563Travis 2-85
Enterovirus type D68VR-1825US/KY/14-18953
Enterovirus type 70ATCC VR-836J670/71 (Suspension-based testing only)
Enterovirus type 71ATCC VR-784BrCr
Equine Arteritis virusATCC VR-796Bucyrus
Equine Herpesvirus type 1NVSLEHv1
Equine Herpesvirus type 1ATCC VR-2229438/79
Equine Herpesvirus type 3 (EHV3)NVSLCoital Exanthema
Equine Influenza type A2NVSLA/Equine/Miami/1/63
Feline CalicivirusATCC VR-782F-9
Feline Herpesvirus (Feline rhinotracheitis)ATCC VR-636C-27
Feline Infectious peritonitisATCC VR-2202FIPV-1146, P100
Feline PanleukopeniaATCC VR-648Philips-Roxane
Feline PicornavirusATCC VR-649FRV (17FRV)
Hepatitis AAppTec Laboratory ServicesHM-175
Hepatitis B virus surrogateHepadnavirus TestingVarious
Hepatitis C virus surrogateNVSLOregon c24v-genotype 1
Herpes simplex virus type 1ATCC VR-733F(1)
Herpes simplex virus type 2ATCC VR-734G
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)Advanced BiotechnologiesHTLV IIIB
Human rotavirusATCC VR-2018WA
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR)ATCC VR-188LA
Avian Infectious bronchitis virusSolvay Animal HealthBeaudette IB42
Avian Infectious bursal disease virusNVSLEdgar
Infectious bursal disease virusSolvay Animal Health
Infectious canine hepatitisATCC VR-293Utrecht
Infectious laryngotracheitis (LT virus)Poultry Health SpecialtiesLT-IVAX (Modified live vaccine)
Influenza ACDC # 99013257A/Panama/2007/99
Influenza ACDC (ARTS)Beijing H1N1
Influenza AATCC VR-1469A/PR/8/34
Influenza AATCC VR-544A/HongKong/8/68
Influenza A (H1N1) virusATCC VR-98A/Malaya/302/54
Influenza A (H3N2) virusATCC CDC# 2012701539A/West Virginia/06/2011
2009 H1N1 influenza A (Novel H1N1) virusCDC # 2009712192A/Mexico/4108/2009
Influenza A (H1N2) virusCDC # 2002704198A/Hawaii/10/02
Influenza A (H3N2) Reassortant (Avian/Human)ATCC VR-2072A/Washington/897/80 x A/Mallard/New York/6750/78
Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus (avian)CDC # 2006719965VNH5N1-PR8/CDC-RG
Influenza BATCC VR-823B/Hong Kong/5/72
Influenza BCDC # 2001701830B/HongKong/330/01
Kilham rat virusATCC VR-1790Kilham (RV-13)
Minute virus of miceATCC VR-1346Prototype (p)
Mouse Hepatitis virusATCC VR-765MHV-JHM
Murine NorovirusFriedrich-Loeffler-Instituts599
Norovirus surrogateATCC VR-782F-9
Parainfluenza type 3ATCC VR-93C243
Poliovirus type 1CDCSabin 1 NIBSC 01/528 (LSc-2ab)
Poliovirus type 1ATCC VR-1562Chat
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virusNVSLColorado 2013 Isolate
Porcine ParvovirusATCC VR-742NADL-2
Porcine Reproductive & respiratory syndrome (PRRS)University of KentuckyNVSL
Porcine RotavirusATCC VR-893OSU (attenuated)
PseudorabiesATCC VR-135Aujeszky
Reovirus type 3ATCC VR-232Abney
Respiratory syncytial virus (Human)ATCC VR-26Long
Rhinovirus type 1AATCC VR-15592060
Rhinovirus type 2ATCC VR-482HGP
Rhinovirus type 14ATCC VR-2841059
Rhinovirus type 16ATCC VR-28311757
Rhinovirus type 37ATCC VR-1147151-1
Rhinovirus type 39ATCC VR-340209
RotavirusATCC VR-2018Wa strain
RotavirusATCC VR-2272HRV 89-12c2 strain
SARS-Related Coronavirus 2BEI ResourcesIsolate USA-WA1/2020
SV-40ATCC VR-305A2895
Swine Influenza AATCC VR-333A/Swine/Iowa/15/30
Transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGE)University of Minnesota
VacciniaATCC VR-119WR
Vesicular stomatitisATCC VR-158Indiana

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