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Antimicrobial Testing Services

ALG is the premier contract antimicrobial testing laboratory and expert partner to the developers, manufacturers and users of antimicrobial pesticide and biocide products. With over 25 years of excellence in antimicrobial testing, ALG sets industry standards for quality, skill, and turn-around times. Antimicrobial testing performed in our microbiology and virology laboratory facilities has supported the successful registration of thousands of antimicrobial products. ALG has extensive experience generating GLP compliant data that is accepted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Health Canada, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and European Chemicals Agency or individual European Member State agencies.

Test lab is GLP compliant

Antimicrobial Efficacy (including pre-saturated towelettes)

  • Microbiology Testing
    • Antimicrobial properties evaluation
    • Bacteria and mold identification
    • Bacterial endotoxin
    • Bacteriostasis and fungistasis
    • Bioburden/microbial enumeration test
    • Biological indicators (BIs) for sterility
    • Container closure studies
    • Media incubation and growth promotion
    • Microbial bactericidal concentration (MBC)
    • Microbial inhibitory concentration (MIC)
    • Microbial limits/enumeration test
    • Particulate analysis per USP
    • Sterility testing – including rapid sterility
    • Water sampling and testing
  • Virology Testing
  • High Level Disinfectants/Liquid Chemical Sterilants
  • Sporicides
    • Biofilm testing
    • Clostridium difficile and Candida auris testing
  • Disinfectants
    • Bacteriocidal
    • Virucidal
    • Fungicidal
    • Tuberculocidal
  • Sanitizers
    • Food contact and non-food contact surfaces
  • Germicides
  • Biocides

Fogging and Misting Efficacy

  • Bacterial disinfection
  • Virucidal disinfection
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Non-food contact sanitization
  • Food contact sanitization

Treated Article Efficacy/Textiles

  • Antimicrobial finishes on textile materials – AATCC 100
  • Bacterial and Virucidal JIS Z2801
  • Determination of Antimicrobial Activity of Immobilized Agents – ASTM E2149
  • Method for Determination of Antimicrobial Activity in Polymeric or Hydrophobic Materials – ASTM E2180

Pesticide Device Efficacy

Liquid Efficacy

  • ASTM E2315 Time Kill Assay
  • ASTM E1052 Viral Suspension Assay
  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Test
  • Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) Test

Custom Efficacy Testing

ALG Compliance Tests

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