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Disinfection Qualification Services

Disinfection qualification formally evaluates the efficacy and suitability of antimicrobial products and procedures used to eliminate contaminant microorganisms on various surface types and components within an aseptic, sterile or otherwise controlled manufacturing environment.

ALG has more than 25 years of experience performing disinfectant efficacy studies on different surface types (floor, walls, stainless steel, glass, etc.) using a variety of disinfectants. In addition to our internal library of ATCC organisms, we can also incorporate manufacturing sites’ in-house organisms obtained through environmental monitoring.

We can design and perform disinfectant efficacy studies to evaluate the effectiveness of disinfectants used in your facilities and provide you with solid data that meets FDA requirements. 

All test labs GLP/cGMP compliant

USP <1072> Disinfection Qualification

USP <1072> Disinfection Qualification

  • Tube Dilution Method
  • Coupon Testing Using Immersion Recovery Method
  • Environmental Isolates and Viruses
  • AOAC Use Dilution Test
  • Time-Kill Studies
  • Fungicidal Activity Tests
  • AOAC Germicidal Spray Products Test
  • Use-Dilution Studies Using Coupons
  • In-House Organisms Efficacy Studies
  • Custom Disinfectant Efficacy Studies

cGMP Consulting

USP <1072> Disinfection Qualification

Cleaning and Disinfection


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